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Review On Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS)2021 at Shanghai

At the 2021 Consumer Technology and Innovation Show(CTIS), Kingwear brought many classic and annual new products to participate in the exhibition, such as KW10/KW20 ladies series, KW17/KW19 e-commerce hot models, and KW77/KW76 high cost performance. The new models and KW38/KW16 high-end new models have also appeared on the exhibition site.

KW10/KW20 female series

Review On Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS)2021 at Shanghai

KW10/KW20 female series are very popular in European countries.

The appearance of KW10/KW20 adopts a round dial. With the external performance of traditional stainless steel watches and the rich functions of smart watches, it has won the love of many ladies around the world.

Among them, KW10 Pro is even more eye-catching. It is a 1.09-inch full-touch screen especilly designed for ladies. It has a full stainless steel body and straps, which is lightweight, delicate and textured. There are multiple dynamic dials to choose from, to keep up with the style of wearing, and more intimate menstrual period reminder function, warm and comfortable.

Review On Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS)2021 at Shanghai

KW76/KW77 series

Review On Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS)2021 at Shanghai

The KW76/KW77 are 2021 new models of KING-WEAR. The main feature is cost-effective , with classic style and color, and still looks good and elegant. KW76&KW77 are with square screen and circle screen, which are 1.75-inch and 1.28-inch large. The two models are equipped with 220mAh/200mAh high-capacity polymer lithium batteries. Both have Bluetooth 5.0, multiple exercise modes, blood oxygen, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, mini games and many other functions.

KW16 series

Review On Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS)2021 at Shanghai

The perfect combination of business style and sports style, 1.32-inch high-definition screen, metal body, IP68 waterproof, sports mode buttons. KW16 series not only can fit in business occasions, but also can used when working out. At the same time, there is also an excellent battery life experience brought by the 330mAh large battery, as well as 24-hour real-time heart rate detection, sleep monitoring, and blood oxygen detection to escort your health. It can also be connected to make custom dial to show personal style.

In this exhibition, buyers from all over the country visited Kingwear booth to consult and exchange about our products. Kingwear gained a group of new customers. We are really grateful for every exhibitor’ attention and like of Kingwear products and every customer's trust in us, we will continue to do our best to make great products and provide great services as always do!


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