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Project Department

  • Mainly responsible for product hardware R&D. The development of each product is led by a senior project manager who also in charge of customization orders of the corresponding product and supervise the entire production processes on hardware to ensure quality.

Software Department

  • Mainly responsible for watch firmware and App development and upgrades. Before mass production, new products would undergo firmware development, debugging, related tests, and upgrades and maintenance after that. At the same time, they also conduct the development and maintenance of software customization.

Quality Department

  • Leading the inspection of various quality and functional attributes of finished products and incoming materials of our factory , controlling the quality of every link in the supply chain and production, and implementing the quality optimization and upgrading of mass-produced products


  • Please leave us your name and contact information as well as your needs through the message window if you intend to cooperate or want more information about Kingwear and our products. We will arrange professional marketing manager to contact you and provide you the corresponding information or order services. Welcome your consultants and inquiries.


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