A Big Success At HongKong GlobalSource Electronics Exhibition Fair

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  • 2018-06-12

We had four productive and wonderful days in HongKong, and met so many of you amazing people at the GlobalSource electronics exhibition fair, and it just has been great! Thanks for all of your supports!
As an innovative technological hardware company integrating independent R&D, manufacturing, sales and services,  and one of the leading smartwatch brands in China, we have received lots of attention and supports at the fair.
Herds of people kept coming to our booth in order to get to know our products better.
We communicated with people, and introduced our latest technology and newest smartwatches.
Lots of clients even made orders during the fair as soon as they saw the good quality of our products and our good strength.
Our latest smartwatches attracted so many visitors at the fair. And almost everyone think very highly of our products.
Many people were amazed by our smartwatches and bought samples to bring back to their country to test the local market.
Overall, it has been four great days! Thank for all of your supports again! Here is the oversea sales team, and we will see you next time!


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