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What Will The Future Smartwatch Be Like?

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  • 2018-06-13

What will the future smartwatch be like?
We all love wishing for a better future, and the future is exciting indeed with technology seeping in everywhere. Our lives are becoming easier and more opportunities are presenting themselves to us. The innovation of smart watches and wearables surprised people in 2014. And after 3 years, the technologies have improved so much. We can’t help to wondering, what will the next generation of smart watches be?
People are expecting wearables to take over our lives and they can be proven right, in the not-so-distant future. But right now, the technology is far from perfect. A true revolution will only start when these wearables will be able to integrate into our daily use and also create its own niche. Here are a few attributes that will help wearable technologies achieve their true potential.
The battery life is the biggest obstacle facing this particular technology. It is supposed to last weeks and months like regular watches, unlike just hours and days like it currently does. All these affects the function of smartwatches and prevents it from working as a stand-alone gadget like it wants to be. Alternative methods of charging using solar energy could be used instead, to ensure better longevity.
What we wear is a very personal choice, and watch bands sets an example to why wearables need to be personalized enough for people to have the incentive to sport them all the time. In the process, these devices will be invisible, making them more efficient and powerful.
All of our devices are constantly taking data from our body and its movements. Many aspects of our lives are now closely connected to numbers. These wearables can, technically, be able to correctly capture and analyze data but industry standards on accuracy levels are yet to be developed.
These devices need to have the capacity to understand its surroundings and evolve according to demands of the client. People grow new interests every day and the wearable devices need to adapt and be relevant in the long run, without which, sustenance for these products can be jeopardized.
The most exciting prospect about wearable technology is that it can sync with your home appliances and give us a unique experience. We will no longer have to push buttons to get things but they will happen on their own automatically, using various triggers in our body that make them manifest. Flashes of the TV series ‘Black mirror’ come into mind where they complete household chores effortlessly.
In a word, the future of smart watches is bright. And Kingwear has been working hard for giving our customers a better smart watch experience.

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