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What Is The Waterproof Principle Of Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch?
Jul 09, 2017

              Whenever the depth of the underwater increase of 10 meters, it will increase the equivalent of a atmospheric pressure, according to this principle, so that the general table factory is the pressure gauges to test the waterproof performance of watches, so some table factory will be marked by the pressure value (bar or ATM) to indicate its waterproof value. 1bar is equal to 1 kilograms per 1 square centimeter of pressure, so the pressure of 10bar equivalent to withstand the surface of 100 meters depth of the existence of pressures, that is, waterproof 100 meters, 20bar equivalent to waterproof 200 meters, and so on. If the watch only water resistance words and no numerical indication, according to international standards is the same as waterproof 20 meters. However, the so-called stress tests are static, and when the table is worn between the wrist or swimming, the pressure is dynamic, so the instantaneous pressure of the watch is greater than the static, so you must multiply the safety factor to ensure the waterproof performance of the Watch, which is why the depth of the watch is much higher than the actual use.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

              Before that, watches have a degree of waterproof degrees, some watches waterproof performance can reach 30 meters, the so-called 30 meters waterproof table generally refers to the back through the table, this kind of table may use in the daily grooming or the rain, that is, the water droplets only splashed on the surface without any pressure added to the table is not a problem. Compared to 30 meters back through the table is a little better table is 50 meters waterproof table, this table can be used for swimming and general housework, and then up is 100 meters waterproof table, it can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work. Waterproof watches are divided into ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof, ordinary waterproof watch can only prevent water spatter, that is, the back through the table, and professional waterproof watch can withstand different depths of water immersion, this table is generally impervious, some tables can even work in the deep sea. General watches waterproof specifications are divided into the following types: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters. 30 meters refers to the general life of waterproof, is to wash hands splash on the water droplets, there is rain when falling rain, but the attention can not be too long, waterproof watch in the sauna room to wear. 50 meters and 30 meters no difference, can be ignored. 100 meters: You can take him to wash the car, shower, but not soak in the water. 300 meters can be used for swimming, but only for shallow swimming. 500 meters at this level can dive under the water, but do not follow the established values, perhaps that is your watch can bear the limit, so do not use this method test table performance.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

              Waterproof watch on the structure of the main can be divided into the following categories, they are the bite-mouth waterproof structure, screw-tightening waterproof structure, the pressure-removing waterproof structure and the waterproof structure of the cover. Where the bite mouth waterproof structure and the thread bites the difference, lies in the bottom of the table has the thread, the main shell and the bottom shell have the concave and convex groove mouth to bite each other. The screw-tightening waterproof structure is the most common and most important kind of waterproof watch, and the domestic table adopts this structure, it is characterized by the rear cover and the case with a threaded connection, and pressure sealing gasket, the 0 cover on the edge of 8, 10, 14, such as symmetrical corner, can be opened with the opening of the table, and the other with the thread after the ring closed, also belong to this category. The bottom shell of the pressure-proof waterproof structure is a concave steel bowl, the table machine is installed in the steel bowl, the pressure is tightened and the table is covered, the main shell frame is closely buckled with the case, waterproof performance is still good, it is characterized by the case is not threaded, the back cover is rounded edge, the lid of the edge of the sealing gasket, by squeezing close together, can be used to pry open the blade, just string dry (commonly known as an unsolicited pole) for two-node, joints easy storage water rust. The waterproof structure is covered by the knife. This waterproof table is often ignored by people, mistakenly think that the general table, it is the same as the ordinary table with a knife Yi cover, but much more tightly, the table handle, the back cover also has a rubber band, also can play a waterproof role.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch