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The Whole Aspect Of 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Aug 16, 2017

       With the deep understanding of sports, many sports enthusiasts from the beginning of the blind exercise, and gradually began to pay attention to data acquisition, Sports Watch began to usher in the peak of the era. "Technology in demand-oriented", from the initial measurement of heart rate data, to the current GPS track records, ETP estimates ... Sports watch with the increasing demand for data recording, rapid and targeted technological progress has been achieved. The technical performance of the main sports watch in the market is compared and explained. There is a belt, photoelectric in the end which better do not know from when, has been black out of the photoelectric heart rate measurement has become the market coddled. The vomit trough for many years seems to finally be able to elated.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
       However, this pride does not belong to him, but the halfway to kill the "journey bite Gold", the existing hand ring mostly without GPS module, unable to record the trajectory of the motion, the Microsoft Microsoft Band is your only choice. It has GPS can record your route and number of steps, built-in optical heart rate sensor, can display heart rate, and timely feedback to the user's current physical condition. Equipped with a UV monitor, it can be used to assess whether you need to strengthen sunscreen. Microsoft's official hand-ring matching app, while supporting WP, IOS and Android platforms, supports sync with smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
       And data can be synchronized and it's easier to share running data. After connecting the equipment or system equipment, there are some features of the smart watch, which will be notified when the device receives messages, text messages, calls, calendar items, running, exercises, sleeping, alarm clocks and timers, and guides exercise. Battery life is two days, only 1.5 hours can be full of electricity.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
       Since your first consideration is the bracelet, it is estimated that most of the features you attach to a sports watch are not needed, so you can look at the following economical sports watches.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
      No matter what brand of wrist watch you have on your hands, the area where the base station is erected is often coincident with this place, so many base stations have been set up to shut down the source of the signal (that is, GPS). What kind of signal source do you usually use? Professional name Aster signal Source, also known as regional signal source. Its working principle is through the satellite launch signal, the base station to receive, and then reflected in the hands of the wrist table signal receiver. Three-point calibration positioning, so sometimes the derived trajectory seems to drift very large.3G GPS Android SmartWatch