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The Identification Method Of Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch
Jul 29, 2017

         1. Spiral Waterproof watch. Its casing and back cover are threaded, depending on the role of the thread to make the upper shell and back cover tightly. The table glass is pressed into the tool and is more closely. A waterproof washer (mostly made of butyl cyanide rubber) is placed in the top handle and the back cover and the upper shell, so it can play a certain waterproof role. This waterproof watch, outside the rear cover of the case, has a recess, some of the convex part of the horn. The rear cover of the switch shall be provided with the corresponding tool.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

         2. Withhold type waterproof watch. Its back cover has a ring of high convex, so that the upper case and the back cover can be tightly withheld. The table glass and the spiral waterproof watch are also pressed into the tool, more closely. A waterproof washer is also placed in the upper handle head and the part of the upper Shell and the back cover. The rear cover of the waterproof watch is opened with a knife, and the rear cover is also used to withhold or push off with a finger.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

         3. Set of pressure-proof waterproof watch. Its casing is pressed on the bottom cover. The form of the rear cover of the watch case is more special: surrounded by a higher wall, the movement in the rear cover of the wall inside, the table glass directly installed in the rear cover wall above, after the casing pressure, the table glass and the back cover is tightly sheathed, thus playing the role of sealing waterproof. The upper handle shaft is connected with the upper and lower two sections, the rear cover of the switch is removed, the upper handle head and the upper handle shaft are removed, and the special rolling tool is pressed open and rolled. No special rolling tools, fingers can push.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch