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The Function Of The Smart Watch
Aug 16, 2017

      With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have also started to increase mobile functions, such as the use of time-only watches in the past, can now be connected to the Internet via smartphones or home networks to display incoming messages, Twitter and news feeds, weather information, etc. This new watch can be called a smart watch, some are already on sale, and some are still in the sample testing phase. Such products are designed to be used by consumers when they are inconvenient to use a smartphone, such as when they are riding a bicycle or are full of things on their hands.Smart Watch
     Adult smart watch, function: can sync bluetooth mobile phone call, send and receive text messages, monitor sleep, monitor heart rate, sitting reminder, jogging, remote photography, music playback, video, compass and other functions, designed for the fashion trend of people! Intelligent watches for the elderly, function: Ultra-precision GPS positioning, family calls, emergency call, heart rate monitoring, sitting reminders, medicine reminders and many other special features for the elderly to provide a protective umbrella for the elderly to travel, with this watch, refused to go to the old man lost! Child positioning smart Watch, Function: Multiple positioning, two-way call, SOS Help, remote monitoring, intelligent anti-loss, historical track, electronic fence, pedometer, love rewards and other multi-functional, to ensure child safety, to give children a healthy and safe growth environment!Smart Watch
     The strap of the watch can be replaced individually, and the strap connection structure is the standard spring lever. The leather strap will be available upon listing. In addition, they say that they attach great importance to user customization, which is likely to be supplied with color straps. The round watch is 46 millimeters in diameter, which sounds bigger. Smart Watch
     The rectangle is originally rectangular, but the size of the rectangular watch users will feel larger, and the corners worn in the wrist may be uncomfortable. Smart watches are a very popular concept in recent years and are favored by many investors. With the participation of domestic investors, the smart watch industry development environment will be further mature, the scale of industry enterprises will continue to expand, improve the overall strength of the industry.Smart Watch