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The Development Of Smart Watch Technology Applications
Oct 12, 2017

Smart watches in recent years have been a good development, but it is not difficult to find one of the constraints of smart watches is a little short battery life, there are battery problems to bring life problems, based on this, Matrix Industries developed a company called Matrix PowerWatch smart Watch, the watch using advanced thermoelectric technology, you can use the wearer's body temperature to obtain electricity, thereby reducing the battery life caused by confusion.Smart Watch

Track the number of steps, calorie consumption, walking distance and sleep status like other smart watches, and support Android or iOS devices. Matrix PowerWatch smart watches have timers, stopwatch and other functions, but also real-time display from the wearer's body heat to get the power.Smart Watch

The thermoelectric device uses its temperature difference between the front and the back to generate the voltage. Its principle is that when the electrons on the warmer side move to the cooler side, a potential difference (voltage) is generated and a current is generated on the wires connecting them. Due to the weak current, thermoelectric technology usually only for energy-less equipment, such as wearable equipment and human implant devices. For the watch, the bottom of the watch fit the wrist, by the wearer's body temperature and become warm, compared to exposed in the air of the dial becomes relatively cool. Therefore, the temperature difference between the front and back to make the watch the ideal use of hot-spot principle of power supply device. So, why the use of thermoelectric technology watches in life is rare?Smart Watch

Although there is life more than a month called metamorphosis of smart watches, but the mainstream of the market life in general within a week, most only two days. Life has become the biggest pain point in the smart watch market, frequent charging, forget the charge is the impact of the user experience the culprit.Smart Watch