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Technical Situation Of 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Oct 27, 2017

"Smart wear equipment" is the application of wearable technology to the daily wear of intelligent design, development of wearable equipment collectively, such as watches, bracelet, glasses, apparel and so on. The wide range of intelligent wearable equipment includes function, large size, do not rely on smartphones to achieve complete or partial functions (such as smart watches or smart glasses, etc.), and focus only on a certain type of application function, and other devices (such as smartphones) in conjunction with the use (such as all kinds of physical signs monitoring intelligent bracelet, smart jewelry, etc.).3G GPS Android SmartWatch

With the development of technology and the change of user's demand, the form and application hotspot of wearable intelligent equipment is also changing. The wearable technology has been paid much attention in the international computer academia and industry, but because of the high cost and the complex technology, many related equipments only stay in the concept field. With the development of mobile Internet, technological progress and the introduction of high-performance low-power processing chips, some of the wearable devices have gone from conceptualization to commercialization, and new wearable devices are constantly coming out.3G GPS Android SmartWatch Looking at the current smart wear equipment market, the smart watch is one of the big head, and we can see that the current market for the development of the production of smart watches manufacturers are generally take two routes, one is to the smartphone auxiliary equipment or alternative equipment to walk on the route, you can install the application The other is to increase the direction of health intelligent functions such as counting steps, sleep monitoring and so on in general watches.

Ultraviolet sensor, the measurement of the ultraviolet coefficient can guide users to do a good job in the sun; applications, the operating system to support more than 1000 application of the use, is now a relatively perfect smart watch system, with a wealth of hardware foundation, so you have different play.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

With the unification of the smart watch system, developers would like to see the popularity of the system, the small public system after all more difficult to fit. Hardware, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Dual-core processor to ensure the smooth operation of the system, the overall view, is a very good product.3G GPS Android SmartWatch