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Smart Watch Technology And Time To Wear
Sep 15, 2017

     Wearable technology smart watch battery technology mobile phone according to foreign media reports, although many people in the industry think that the emergence of smart watches and other wearable technology will replace the smart phone, can wear technology in the field of senior professionals that smartphones will continue for a long time.Smart Watch

     It is said that many technology companies are now actively developing smart watches and similar wearable technologies, and some in the industry believe smartphones may have gone to the end, but as senior professionals in the field of technology, they have made differing views. Was involved in the development of the Microsoft Spot Watch sample machine ten years ago.Smart Watch

     Wearable technology products do not yet have the ability to replace smartphones, a lot of the work that smartphones can do is still not possible. Think about what your smart watch can do, and I don't think smart watches will have the same functionality in the next few years. People used to wear watches, and they didn't need to recharge or replace batteries for a few years. Smart watches, which offer similar functionality and are widely promoted, need to be equipped with stronger batteries and chips.Smart Watch

     The smart watch I expect at least to be able to keep running for a week instead of recharging it every day. From a technical point of view, we need a stronger battery technology, and the size of the battery to do smaller, but also to reduce the power of the chip and other electronic components, which can be used to wear technology products can be attractive.Smart Watch

    Functionally, a smart watch does not only have the ability to push certain content and give notice, it must also be able to do more and more complex work. Smart watches must have some more interesting features, it should be able to change people's daily life as the smartphone did, provide more convenience to people, and let everyone from the heart want to have it. This paper points out some key development areas for the future of smart watches, such as the ability to completely replace wallets, bus cards and access cards.Smart Watch