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Smart Watch Features, Appearance, Software
Jun 19, 2017

    Features: 1, Apple Watch can be achieved such as call, Siri voice, information, calendar, maps and other functions, through the watch can adjust the iPhone's GPS. 2, Apple Watch uses magnetic MagSafe plug, support wireless charging, this design effectively solve the problem of battery life. Apple Watch can also use Apple Pay. 3, in order to overcome the watch dial screen is too small restrictions, Apple Watch set up a digital wheel, by rotating it can scale or move the image pattern. 4, Apple Watch screen also supports multi-point control. Apple Watch's crown has a separate communication button, specifically to start a communication application called Communication. 5, Apple Apple Watch interface for a new design, the user can watch the list of friends on the watch, talk with friends, and even share their own heart rate information to friends. 6, Apple Watch using Apple's own development of the S1 chip, the back of a lot of sensors, when the user raised his hand, the display will automatically open. A dot icon appears on the display for pulling or clicking.Smart Watch

   Appearance: Apple Watch dial with sapphire glass, with waterproof function. There are two sizes, with gold, silver and other different colors of the strap, wearing different ways. Software for sports, Apple Watch launched two new applications: Fitness and Workout, the user set the Apple Watch on the type of movement, set goals, watches will record data in real time, the user will be inspired, the iPhone can also see Apple Watch the monitored data. Cook said that Apple watches will change our way of fitness, such as recording heartbeat, with the iPhone's GPS record location, measuring calorie consumption, exercise time and distance. Motorola Moto 360 after the Android Wear platform released, Motorola quickly exposed their own Moto 360 watch.Smart Watch

   Details: 1. On Moto 360, the time is normal. Users can always look down at the time. 2. This watch strap can be replaced individually, strap connection structure is the standard spring rod. Moto 360 will provide leather strap after listing. In addition, Wicks said they attach great importance to the user customization, saying that it is likely to have a color strap supply. 3. Moto360 uses a card-based interface. Android Wear should rely heavily on Google Now. 4. This rounded watch diameter of 46 mm, it sounds quite big. Wicks said Moto 360 was originally rectangular, but the size of the rectangular watch user would feel greater, and the corner worn in the wrist may be discomfort. 5. From the appearance of Moto 360 does not seem to USB charging port, so how does this stuff charge? It is likely to be a wireless charge, the motorcycle is a member of the WPC Alliance, which supports the Qi standard. 6. Does this huge watch have a female version? Wicks said in an interview that more and more women tend to buy large watches, so you understand. 7. Moto 360 will certainly match the motorcycle's machine, but it also supports any Android 4.3 and above devices. 8. The watch screen display will automatically flip, so users do not have to be tangled only in the left hand. 9. Moto 360 can withstand splash water, but not waterproof. 10. Moto 360 no camera, because the team that "camera is not fun."Smart Watch