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Rationality Of 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Sep 06, 2017

      The operating system on a PC can have multiple options: Installing a Linux release, using a virtual machine under Windows, or using Cygwin. Now that Microsoft Windows dominates more than half of the world's PCs (nearly 90% of China's windows share), many developers are using virtual machines to implement embedded Linux under Windows platforms. But these methods will bring more or less compatibility issues. 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
     The best option for developing embedded Linux is to install Linux distributions on your PC, because it is not associated with Windows, has all of the system's resources, and has the highest system performance and best compatibility.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
      After the system platform is established, the Linux control system provides the low-level manipulation, including file system governance, memory allocation, and basic flash burn reading, but does not provide a friendly display interface. At the same time, in order to realize the display and navigation of geographical data, it is necessary to put the graphical user interface support system and the geographic Information development platform on the control system.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
      The entire software system relies on events emitted by different windows or controls to implement various functions. After the main window is established to register the Mgis control, it is easy to implement some commonly used map manipulations. When the main window is established, a lot of the child windows will be created, including the time to display latitude and longitude information. The speed of the static box for fast and easy to manipulate the toolbar, for the realization of GPS function closed and map data loading menu bar.3G GPS Android SmartWatch