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Precautions For Use In Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch
Aug 12, 2017

                 Waterproof table waterproof rely on the table mirror, back cover, head and other waterproof aprons to meet the corresponding standards. All waterproof watches are marked with "WATER resistant" or "WATER PROOF" on the bottom cover. No waterproof mark Watch can only be dust-proof, should avoid stained with water. 30 meters (3ATM, or 3 atmospheres) Waterproof table can be used for daily grooming or rain, that is, water droplets are only splashed on the surface without any pressure added to the table. 50 meters Waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming, more than 200 meters waterproof table can be used for diving and other underwater work.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

                 Waterproof rubber ring Aging will affect the waterproof performance of watches, so waterproof table waterproof aprons and head (containing waterproof ring) according to the use of regular replacement. The quartz watch must replace the waterproof element at the same time in order to ensure good waterproof performance.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

                 Any waterproof watch should not be used in a hot bath, sauna or in a temperature-changing environment. Because the waterproof aprons affected by temperature will be the expansion of the gap and accelerate the aging of the water and the surface of the condensate, serious will make the waterproof table mechanical damage.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

                 (1) Waterproof rubber ring easily aging deterioration, to be replaced regularly, or in each repair to be replaced. (2) Table glass damage can make the table waterproof performance affected, the damage should be replaced in a timely manner. (3) Do not operate the watch handle in the water or when the watch is damp to prevent the water from entering the person's table. (4) The handle head after use to push to the end, turnbuckle handle the head should pay attention to lock on the watch, do not leave a gap. (5) The watch should be dry at any time. (6) To prevent chemical substances contact the watch, otherwise it will affect the case and waterproof rubber ring, reduce waterproof performance. (7) The watch should not be placed in high temperature (60 ℃) and low temperature ( -10℃) environment for a long time. (8) If the water vapor mist in the watch, should be cleared in time to avoid rust.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch