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Positioning System Of 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Jul 02, 2017

    You know? About 200,000 of the children in our country are missing every year, and only 0.1% of them can be recovered. Looking abroad, the recovery rate of American missing children is 98%. Why is there such a big gap between the recovery rate of missing children in China and that of the United States? In this, the beholder has a few opinions. Some netizens think that the family needs more energy in the custody of children, while experts tend to pay more attention to relevant legislation. Science and technology field, take the star technology as the representative of the positioning technology to create enterprises think, "to find lost children, in addition to social and national power, intelligent technology in positioning products use, but also a great room for improvement." "In fact, the Missing Children Assistance Act, launched in 1984 by the United States, opened the door to the problem of missing children in the United States, making the rate of missing children from 62% to 97.7%." And our country has made a lot of efforts on the problem of lost children.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
    such as Micro Bo anti-trafficking, "Baby Home" and other public welfare sites, the launch of relevant search app ... However, according to the "China Youth Daily" information, because "China lacks a unified national registration and publishing platform for missing persons, some civil network organizations have insufficient coverage and lack of authority." "The boundless crowd, looking for a child seems to become entirely by luck." "There is a netizen to reflect," after a lot of efforts to find, pay a great deal of energy, many children still do not get back ... "search, is a painful and long process." Is there a better way to reduce the child's lost rate? The success of America's search for lost children, for example, lies in the enactment of its relevant legislation, and the further refinement of the country's legislation will take time to get too much for China. and the continuous improvement of science and technology, so that many relevant professionals find the application of positioning technology, in the search for lost children may be able to produce a strong performance. And reporters in the major electric business platform found that the application of such technology has been widely used in children's positioning watch as a representative of the positioning products.3G GPS Android SmartWatch
    But there are also big problems, the market on a number of models, two-mode child positioning watch because of poor signal, affected by the weather and unable to work properly, so that the location of the function has become a "chicken ribs." In this regard, science and technology told reporters that their newly developed children's smart watch, the application of four-mode positioning technology, in addition to the public aware of GPS positioning technology, there are WiFi, A-gps, lbs technology implantation. "In simple terms, these are the signals that a mobile phone can receive, as long as the phone is open to be positioned, not because a signal is weak and the location function is missing." "In addition, all the information will be uploaded to the server, and data storage to form a large database, which can be more accurate in the location of the query."3G GPS Android SmartWatch