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Platform Description Of Smart Watch
Sep 27, 2017

     Without a dedicated editorial team to make or modify content for wearable devices, publishers will find the current content format a bit of a straitjacket. Unless, like Vox's card navigation or circa atomization technology, they have invested a lot of money to study more of the content formats available for wearable devices. It is believed that the atomization principle is better than simple summarization in providing content for smart watches in a modular way.Smart Watch

     So there's definitely going to be some new problems coming up, and I think that, given our purpose, atomization is an inevitable choice, because we know that if a reader wants to keep getting the latest information, we'll have the opportunity and the ability to provide him with the fact that it's not compressed or moisture-doped. Therefore, not only do we have a certain amount of time to prepare for this, and we have been creating atomized content, this is a unique and obvious advantage, because not to do so you can only choose to provide summary content.Smart Watch

     These new platforms and sensors provide a great opportunity for news publishers to create and deliver more content to their users. Most of the publishers I interviewed described the first wave of content products, which were made around notifications, but were sent in a more personalized way, and the association with users was higher than the average instant news notification sent by smartphone apps. But in the course of our conversations, a lot of potential concepts about future products were raised.Smart Watch

     Because smart watches are a personalized device, it makes sense to push personalized notifications. The best example of this is: as long as the watch senses the user's action, it makes a ' Good morning ' sound, and then displays the important news or news Digest of the day to the user through a link. Another example is to recommend to users the articles that we think they might like to read, and this has been a very good result in social media today.Smart Watch