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Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch Features That
Oct 12, 2017

With the advent of intelligent tide, intelligent wear equipment ushered in the rapid development period, smart bracelet, smart watches, smart rings and other wearable goods at the same time, the product itself is also constantly improving the function, such as more and more Products are equipped with heart rate monitoring function.

Today, intelligent bracelet and smart watches as the representative of the intelligent wear products equipped with heart rate monitoring function is being more and more people to accept, and even some people have long regarded it as one of the essential functions of the product selection. So how does the smart wear device monitor the heart rate? Today, talk about heart rate to monitor those things.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

As one of the most important vital signs of the human body, each person's heart rate will be different due to age, gender and other physiological conditions. In general, normal adults have an average heart rate of 75 beats / min (60 to 100 times / min). The same person, in the quiet or sleep heart rate slowed down, exercise or emotional heart rate when accelerated, in some drugs or neurohumoral factors under the influence of the heart rate will accelerate or slow down. Often manual labor and physical exercise, usually slower heart rate.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

In simple terms, this method of measuring the heart rate is based on the principle of material absorption of light, through the intelligent wear equipment, green LED lights with photodiode tube for some time, because the blood is red, it can reflect the red light absorption Green light, in the heart beating, the blood flow increases, the absorption of green light will become larger; in the heart beating the gap when the blood flow will be reduced, the absorption of green light will be reduced. Therefore, the heart rate can be measured based on the absorbance of the blood.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

In particular, when a light beam of a certain wavelength is irradiated onto the skin surface, the light beam will be transmitted to the photoelectric receiver by transmission or reflection, during which the detector monitors the intensity of the light due to the attenuation of skin muscle and blood absorption Will be weakened. Which the body's skin, bones, meat, fat and other light reflection is a fixed value, while the capillaries and arteriovenous under the action of the heart with the pulse volume becomes smaller and smaller. When the heart is contracted, the peripheral blood volume is the largest, the light absorption is also the largest, the detected light intensity is the smallest; and in the diastole of the heart, on the contrary, the detected light intensity is the largest, the light receiver receives the light intensity Pulsating change.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch