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Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch Detailed Function
Oct 18, 2017

Smart watch support GSM / WCDMA 3G network, WIFI / blue music multi-network connection, support TF memory expansion (maximum support 32GB), 580MAH long standby battery, waterproof up to half a bath. Support GPS navigation, QQ WeChat, SMS push, so that your life and work correct. Smart waterproof positioning watch with two-way call, SMS, remote monitoring, family number set, search star frequency settings, electronic fence, graphic map satellite map switch, baby custom settings, message reminder, more baby add, history track query play , GPS + base station auxiliary positioning, battery power monitoring, automatic school, a key help and other functions.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

The same as children's smart wear on the product, from the name, can be very directly can be seen, "child positioning watch" and "children's smart watch", one is "positioning", the other is "smart", it is obvious The difference between the two words to our consumers in the choice caused a lot of trouble. From the name of the product can be directly seen that these two watches have their own function of the emphasis, but it is difficult to determine the final function of what the difference in the end. Because, no matter what kind of name under the product, the function is a variety of rather than a single.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

First of all, "children's positioning watch" function is mainly included in the positioning, call, real-time tracking, time display. The "children's smart watch" function may be only electronic time function, it may contain the function of the call, and perhaps also positioning and tracking function, which depends on the manufacturer's bit. Therefore, these two products, in the function is likely to overlap, there may be completely different. Therefore, the proposed consumer in the choice of time, we must optimistic about the product function manual, as much as possible to choose their own.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch