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Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch Chip
Sep 06, 2017

      Microsoft has created a Microsoft Directband network to send data to smart watches and other spot devices. The Directband consists of two parts: a special chipset inside the watch (with a radio receiver), and a nationwide wide area network (WAN). The WAN relies on FM subcarrier technology. In general, the subcarrier frequency is located outside the ordinary band used to carry audio, which can be modulated to transmit data. For example, in analog TV broadcasts, subcarrier frequencies can be used to transmit information about colors and other broadcast information. Directband transmits web-based data by Subcarrier frequency through a radio protocol dedicated to smart watches.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch
     Chip Source: The chip was developed by Microsoft and the U.S. National Semiconductor Corporation to develop a chipset for smart watches. The chipset consists of an application chip and a tiny Directband customized radio receiver chip. Its components: Piezoelectric ceramic crystals (piezo)-the material can expand and shrink when energized. The piezoelectric crystals in the Watch act as a tiny speaker driver, making the smart watch capable of making sounds. Printed circuit board (PCB)-is usually a multilayer circuit board made of fiberglass. The PCB surface and the bottom cloth have many fine copper wires, which can be used to introduce the current into the various parts of the board. Motherboard, Simms board, credit card memory board belong to the PCB board. The PCB board in the smart watch can carry CPU, memory and radio chips.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch
     Central processing Unit (CPU)--a smart watch is basically a microcomputer that handles special operations, and the CPU is the computer's brain. The smart watch uses arm 7 TDMI as its central processing unit. Memory-also like a computer, a smart watch requires memory execution capabilities. Smart watches use 512,000-byte read-only memory and 384,000-byte random memory. Directband Radio receiver Chip-this chip is designed for smart watches and is a bridge between the MSN Direct service and the watch. These chips are the core part of spot technology.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch