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Intelligent Technology Analysis Of Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch
Oct 27, 2017

With the intelligent wave of attacks, smart wear equipment ushered in a rapid development period, intelligent hand ring, smart watch, smart ring and other wearable categories, the product itself is constantly improving the function, such as more and more products are standard heart rate monitoring function.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch 

Nowadays, the heart rate monitoring function of intelligent wearable products, represented by smart bracelet and smart watch, is being accepted by more and more people, even some people have already regarded it as one of the essential functions of selecting products. So how does an intelligent wearable device monitor heart rate? Today, let's talk about the heart rate monitoring thing.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

As one of the most important vital signs of human body, each person's heart rate varies with age, sex and other physiological conditions. Generally speaking, normal adults have an average heart rate of 75 times/min (hazelnut/min) when they are quiet. The same person, the heart rate slows during quiet or sleep, and the heart rate speeds up during exercise or emotional agitation, causing the heart rate to accelerate or slow Down under the influence of certain medications or nerve fluid factors. Regular physical labor and physical exercise of people, usually slow heart rate.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch First is the movement aspect, the heart rate can reflect the user movement when the body's real information, if the heart rate is too high movement too intense, the user's body water evaporates too quickly, then this kind of movement to the body is not good, if only then the mild exercise heart rate is not high, the user also cannot burn Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch

Second, the disease, by monitoring whether the resting heart rate in the normal range, daily activity monitoring cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rate can play a timely prevention of disease, and even through the ECG monitoring heart rate can detect abnormal heartbeat. In addition, by means of the fingertip photoelectric volume pulse wave method can also monitor the pulse wave change, to analyze the pulse rate, blood oxygen concentration, diabetic patients with microcirculation of peripheral blood vessel status.Multifunction Waterproof SmartWatch