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We’re Ready For Global Sources Mobile Electronics On Oct 18th-21st
Oct 12, 2017

Only 5 days left! 

We’re ready to meet you all and invite you to experience our latest smartwatches.


Global Sources Mobile Electronics is the worlds largest mobile electronics trade fair with 2,700 booths of devices, VR/AR, wearables and accessories. And as one of the leading wearable manufacturers, we are going to exhibit our newly-launched smart watches and let you experience the latest smartwatch technologies.


Lets have a first peak of our exhibition booth:

Is your smartwatch really as waterproof as the advertises says? Well, we prepared enough water tanks to show you how good our waterproof function is.


Get to know our latest innovative smart watches and experience our superior customer-oriented services at Global Sources Mobile Electronics trade fair on Oct 18th-21st.

We are ready and excited to meet you! Come and meet us Booth 7K18, AsiaWorld-Expo, HongKong.