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Development Of Smart Watch
Jun 08, 2017

    Smart watches are information processing capabilities, in line with the basic technical requirements of the watch watch. In addition to indicating the time, there should be reminders, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction and other one or more of the functions; display, including the pointer, numbers, images and so on. March 2013 media reports, technology giants will be released in late 2013 smart watches. US market research firm analyst Gart believes that 2013 may become the first year of smart watches.Smart Watch

    June 16, 2015, this watch equipped with a new TencentOS system, open WeChat, QQ dual social system, but also have the initiative to remind, voice control and other functions, through the watch scene for a variety of services to strengthen people and watches, With the communication between people, the ultimate realization of the smart watch to become a user's personal assistant.Smart Watch

    July 21, 2015, a company held a press conference officially launched a new smart watch AXON Watch, which carries Qualcomm APQ8026 processor platform, while running TencentOS operating system. [2] 

Currently on the market of smart watches can be broadly divided into two types:

First, without the call function: relying on the connection to the smart phone and multi-function, can synchronize the phone in the phone, text messages, e-mail, photos, music,

Second, with the call function: support insert SIM card, in essence, watch the form of smart phones; most of the market using the Android system.Smart Watch

    With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products also began to increase the mobility of the function, such as the past can only be used to watch the time of the watch, now can also be through a smart phone or home network connected with the Internet, display call information, Twitter and News feeds, weather information and more.

    This new watch can be called a smart watch, some already on sale, and some are still in the sample testing phase. This type of product is mainly for consumers in the case of the use of smart phones without the use of the design, such as riding a bike or hands filled with things.Smart Watch