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Development Inevitability Of 3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Jun 08, 2017

    Last year's June development conference, Android Wear smart watch or the focus of attention. However, a recent survey of market research shows that Android Wear smart watches did not expect so hot.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    The second half of 2014, six months, the bulk of the six brands of smart watches sales together, but also 720,000. This figure may not be so intuitive, in the fourth quarter of 2014, sales of 74.47 million, an average of 810,000 per day. And has been a sharp decline in a brand also sold about 78 million mobile phones, an average of 850,000 per day.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    Throw the lack of capacity for a class of reasons, the lack of exclusive use of smart watches may be one of the factors that affect sales. "It's too early for smartphones to have a more mature ecosystem of applications like smartphones," said the analyst. "Android Wear is still in the marketplace for smartphones. In the application for Android Wear has opened an application area, but the number and millions of applications for Android mobile phone design, or seem insignificant.

    Analysts believe that people on the wait and see is Android Wear may not achieve one of the reasons. Since last September at the press conference announced the upcoming news, people did not stop the guess and imagine. Earlier, some analysts optimistic that in the first year of listing will reach 30 million units of sales.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    Where is the problem? The existing product is not enough to let people see the spring of smart watches, in addition to the same phone calls like agents, display notice and cheating, and perhaps manufacturers need to carry the second screen for users to open more brain holes, Every day to charge the equipment, a (some with two) mobile phone is enough.

    Even if it is highly anticipated, the face will be the same problem. Can reverse the embarrassment of Android Wear show, but also to wait after the listing in April to see.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    Another kind of basic basis for wearing intelligent equipment is slightly optimistic, all want or think of the brand are trying to cut from the smart ring can wear equipment market. Their function may only measure the heart rate, the number of steps and other sports data, compared to smart watches, bracelet looks more practical.3G GPS Android SmartWatch