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Definition Of Smart Watches And Future Trends
Jul 02, 2017

    The smart watch is a watch with information processing capability and meets the basic technical requirements of the Watch. In addition to indicating time, should also have a reminder, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction and other one or more of the functions; Display methods include pointers, numbers, images, and so on. The tech giants will release their smart watches later in 2013, media reported in March 2013. Avi Greengart, a U.S. market research firm current analyst, Eve Greengart that 2013 may become the year of the smart watch.Smart Watch
    With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have also started to increase mobile functions, such as the use of time-only watches in the past, can now be connected to the Internet via smartphones or home networks to show incoming messages, Twitter and news feeds, weather information, and so on. This new watch can be called a smart watch, some are already on sale, and some are still in the sample testing phase. Such products are designed to be used by consumers when they are inconvenient to use a smartphone, such as when they are riding a bicycle or are full of things on their hands.Smart Watch
    The smart watch is a very popular concept in recent years, and is favored by many investors. With the participation of domestic investors, the smart watch industry development environment will be further mature, the scale of industry enterprises will continue to expand, improve the overall strength of the industry. National smart watch demand still has a lot of room for growth, in the promotion of domestic consumption level, the future of China's smart watch market capacity will maintain a stable growth trend. Disadvantage: 1, domestic enterprises related to backward technology, weak technical force, which is hindering the development of China's smart watch industry, one of the main reasons. 2, the lack of international well-known brands, in the global market competitiveness is weak. 3, market order chaos, Shanzhai and counterfeit products repeatedly banned, disturbing the consumer's view.Smart Watch