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Considerations For Choosing A Smart Watch
Jul 09, 2017

              1. What are you going to do with your smart watch? Obviously, we are not buying smart watches just to see the time, because if this is the only requirement, the traditional robotic watch will be a better choice. So we need to be clear about what we want it to accomplish. In the current market of smart watch products, smart watches are usually divided into health data monitoring and all-round intelligent experience these two categories. Health data monitoring classes typically have monitoring functions such as heart rate, Jibu, and calorie consumption, and when choosing this type of product, be sure to understand what you need and what it can bring to us. The universal smart-experience watch is more focused on the experience of the wrist, such as Apple Watch, which plays the role of the iphone's second screen, easing the iphone's endurance. Of course, such products themselves will be shorter than other smart watches.Smart Watch

             2. What kind of smart watch do you like? After we've identified our needs, we need to use a lot of different designs the style of smart watch products to choose their favorite a, such as the dial is round or square, the dial material is metal or plastic, of course, we also need to consider the matching strap. This process actually with the street to buy clothes there is no obvious difference, determined the type of oneself want to buy, of course, as far as possible to choose their favorite a products.Smart Watch

             3. Which platform do you use for smart watches? As we all know, smart watches will have a much better experience if they are configured with their own smartphones. So the question is, which platform do you use for your mobile phone? Do you have plans for a new smart watch for a mobile phones for a different operating platform?

             At present, Apple Watch, Google Android and Pebble belong to the more mainstream of the smart watch platform, in the system experience, compatibility has different characteristics, while there are some deficiencies.

Apple Watch is very good at fuselage design and functional experience, but the 18-hour life is clearly not satisfactory, and watch OS system does not have enough independent applications to demonstrate its advantages; Android Wear has multiple brands, multiple kinds of smart watches to choose from, there are also life-related problems, but will give users more choices. Pebble, the former owner, has a relatively longer life time for the use of electronic ink screens, and is compatible with iOS and Android phones, but not as much as Apple and Google in terms of the development of the platform.Smart Watch