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Children Watch Position Failed What Is The Reason?
Feb 28, 2017

In life, positioning is very important, said positioning is determined, there is a direction we move in the right direction. If life is a journey, no direction that go from here?

A definition of the positioning

1, determine the position or orientation of things.

2, in a certain range, there are certain rules.

3, when the instrument to measure the location of the object, measured after the location is called localization. 

Therefore, lost his position in life, you will lose. Bao Ma said feedback on the market now, children watch location fails? According to the analysis, the following two situations, may cause children watch position failed, first, watch the GPS location signals; second, children watch in a State of dormancy.

For both cases, we came up with two methods of treatment, went to an outdoor phone app click on the positioning and GPS positioning to immediately open a watch; the second is can not use GPS positioning, you can go to an outdoor walk and then navigate in real time mobile APP.

Today, the positioning system has been widely, which means positioning not only lead the way, but also can keep baby safe in real time, allowing parents to child trends at a glance.