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Children Watch Functions
Feb 28, 2017

Location: Switzerland UBLOX seventh-generation chips, excellent sensitivity and a very short time, and fully support the AGPS feature, GPS positioning and GSM

Positioning, dual-mode automatic switching, to achieve a more precise location is. Parents phone APP-end, real-time, rapid positioning child's location, no need to worry about where the child was.

Electronic fence: set up an area where the child, when entering or leaving the area, will give mobile phones to send alarm information, parents can be the first time the child's movements. For example, children play in the community, you can set the area within 300 m, once a child leaves this area, parents can know immediately the children leave

On told function: can achieved guardian and was guardian of real-time communication, this is most unique of a function, parents can through phone APP end, directly sent voice information to children of watches, once children left himself of sight, can through on told function let children returned to parents side, this is other intelligent watches by not has of a function, is "open meters" children intelligent watches maximum of features where.

Locus query: through Web and mobile APP-end query child within 90 days through the lines, smart animation effects, accurate children where you went, where suitable for children.

Positioning time: you can set a different location through the client, for example: kids 7 to 8 points during the school year, this time of day will automatically open location, convenient and quick, not every open set.

Work mode: to meet different of using situation, open meters set three species different of work mode: best province electric mode, best experience mode and track mode, according to parents different of using needs can switch different of mode work; best province electric mode: intelligent watches most time in dormant province electric State, standby time most long; best experience mode: user experience best, can for real-time on told; track mode: emergency situation Xia looking for children Shi can opened this mode.