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Application Of Smart Watch
Sep 06, 2017

      In the field of intelligent technology, everyone will have a headache is the battery power, take smart watches, the general battery can only one day, then how to solve this problem? Two manufacturers to give a different plan to see who has a big electricity! The current user's big criticism of smart watches is that most devices have only a single day of battery. To solve this problem, both Bo and Ti are rushing to launch a new platform for their respective chips this week to help smart watches and other small devices make efficient use of battery power. "The end result is to provide users with better battery life."Smart Watch
     "Let them no longer need to often find outlets, but better to interact with the device." These two platforms can help the burgeoning smart watch get closer to mainstream apps, because if users need to recharge their electricity occasionally, they will be more likely to buy them. IDC statistics show that shipments of wearable equipment markets, including fitness belts and headphones, will rise from 1.9 million last year to 112 million by 2018. If the battery problem is not solved well, the growth data will be compromised. Stating that its new platform for existing smart watch chips will drastically reduce battery consumption so that smart watches can work 2 days, twice times the original solution.Smart Watch
      Because these battery life improvements can make the chip work together more effectively, for example, the new platform pushes simpler tasks to run smart watches, such as fast-track time, which allows smaller processors to be used in devices rather than traditional high-power but also more power-hungry application processors. TI's platform in this week to achieve mass production, and has found some target applications, such as remote control. The Bo-Tong platform now provides samples to some customers and will be available later this year.Smart Watch