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Analysis Of The Internal Structure Of Smart Watch
Oct 18, 2017

The introduction of smart watches: it is the use of Microsoft developed a personal intelligent device (stop), and stop is Microsoft in 2012 to develop a new type of computer platform, dedicated to the daily equipment to add. Net function. Spot provides a more compact, low power and low cost solution, so that accessories such as watches through the use of software features more diversified, the watch itself and the use of chips and components.Smart Watch

spot sends web-based data to the smart device via FM (fm) broadcast, just like a radio station received via radio. Smart watches can receive information from more than 200 channels sent by Microsoft's rented radio spectrum. Microsoft has created a Microsoft directband network for sending data to smart watches and other spot devices. Directband consists of two parts: the watch inside the special chipset (including radio receivers), and the national wide area network (wan). wan relies on fm subcarrier technology.Smart Watch

Battery, smart watch battery is rechargeable battery. Equipped with a rechargeable base, but other models of watches can use wall-mounted adapter. The time spent after each charge depends on your surfing time on the channel network (and the model of the smartphone you purchased). abacus can be used up to two days after each charge. Inductive charging coil for battery charging. The coil is attached to the contact surface on the back of the watch. When the contact surface and the watch on the base of the charging metal plate contact, the smart watch battery can start charging by electromagnetic induction.Smart Watch