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Analysis Of The Applicable Crowd Of Smart Watch
Oct 27, 2017

The direction of the smart watch is to replicate the successful experience of smartphones, integrating more and more functions, but think about how many of them are consistent with user scenarios and habits? The function is too little too simple, the price is not high competition but the traditional watch, the function is too many and appears very chicken, does not use the handset to come conveniently and the nature.Smart Watch

Although the smart watch can use the inherent advantage of the wrist to achieve many of the body's physiological indicators of the function of measurement, but because there is a LCD screen, it is easy to make like a spreadsheet, so always have a conflict with the traditional watch. And the bracelet can be no screen, can do more like a traditional wrist jewelry, so can coexist with the traditional watch harmoniously.Smart Watch

and intelligent hand ring outside the material is silicone or TPU software, so that the selection of products so that the feel is very good. The intelligence to mention now has the internal injection molding plastic bag various type chip, uses in the hotel door key/The expense record/the old Person security protection product GPRS localization/u disk bracelet, has the GPS localization function, the motion detection function and so on some functions.Smart Watch

The difference between the smart hand ring and the smart hand ring applies to the young, so the elderly and children in the daily life of the use of smartphones and more time than you and I much less. So the hand ring and other products are not popular in these two categories. In fact, if it is relatively young friends or suggest the choice of smart hand ring, if it is to send children or elderly people, then there are many people in the market for the elderly and children's smart watch products, so this is to see the gift each other's age and character more suitable for what.Smart Watch