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3G GPS Android SmartWatch Purchase Notes
Jun 19, 2017

    Different platforms of smart watches are not compatible with different operating systems for smartphones. For example, Android phones can not match Apple Watch, there are rumors that Android Wear will support the iOS platform in the future, but currently only support Android system. So, if the firm fruit powder, Android Wear will not be your choice. Similarly, if you are insisting on using Android's loyalty, then you also do not have to consider Apple Watch.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    Android Wear smart watches are more open than Apple Watch, the user can install or run the application itself through the watch itself, without having to rely on the phone. But Android is too open, coupled with not a good guide to the developer, to some extent, led to the emergence of Android applications a good and bad state. However, the killer application also did not appear in Andrews smart watch. Perhaps the idea of change will catalyze Apple Watch to promote the development of two platform applications. Do you need a custom watch? Android Wear users seem to have more customization options. In addition, Android Wear provides a choice of the screen, so you do not have to light the screen every time the user sees the time.

    Music play in the daily use of smart watches accounted for much of the part? And Android Wear in October last year to increase the function of offline music synchronization. This feature also supports connecting Bluetooth audio accessories. This means that users can use the wireless headset to listen to music while moving, without having to carry the phone. But there are many reports that the process of synchronization is not as smooth as hope, and it is worth noting that the continued play of music will speed up the consumption of smart watches. However, the smart watch music playback is still quite good. Do you need a smart watch to answer a call?3G GPS Android SmartWatch

    Do you need a Wi-Fi-enabled watch? In addition to activating Wi-Fi via software updates, Google has added two new features, the first update is gesture control, allowing users to shake hands to slide news notifications or Google Now card. The second is to change the user's user interface, which makes it easier for users to access applications and contacts. But the current user can only through the voice control or browse the hierarchy menu to find the application. Do you need a fitness feature? Another question about whether you like a fitness user is: Do you need a smartphone with a waterproof function? But Android Wear's smart watch is different and can be worn when you wash your hands, take a bath or even swim. Built-in GPS function is important to you? So some fitness tracking features can only be used with the iPhone. But for a wide variety of Android Wear series, when you move outside the phone and indoors, this watch can still tell you the current location, and can guide you to return to the original location.3G GPS Android SmartWatch