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3G GPS Android SmartWatch Hardware Rich Application
Sep 15, 2017

     Looking at the current smart wear equipment market, the smart watch is one of the big head, and we can see that the current market for the development of the production of smart watches manufacturers are generally take two routes, one is to the smartphone auxiliary equipment or alternative equipment to walk on the route, you can install the application The other is to increase the direction of health intelligent functions such as counting steps, sleep monitoring and so on in general watches. 3G GPS Android SmartWatch

     So what exactly is the direction that smart watches should be developed? What are some of the best products on the market that represent these two routes?3G GPS Android SmartWatch

     This watch has several features, the first is the appearance, the use of a resolution of $number x 480 2-inch bending display, pixel density of 300ppi, surface frequency screen not only solves the problem of large flat panel screens, which can maximize the size of the screen, increasing the accuracy of touch-screen operation.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

      Next is a powerful hardware equipment and rich applications, on the hardware, equipped with a range of sensors including GPS modules, accelerometer, barometric sensors, heart rate sensors and other devices, for developers to provide solid hardware foundation, the most unique of which should be ultraviolet sensors, The measured ultraviolet coefficient can guide the user to do a good job of sun protection; application, the operating system supported by more than 1000 applications, is now a relatively perfect smart watch system, with rich hardware Foundation, so you have different play.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

     In addition to hardware, software is powerful, the appearance of Samsung is also spent on the mind, a variety of straps show different personalities, more Swarovski set Seihan luxury wrist strap. The recent pre-sale in the UK has introduced a new strap, with diamond blue, blue-black, white, crimson, and brown 5 styles of users to choose from.3G GPS Android SmartWatch