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3G GPS Android SmartWatch Dual Customization System
Oct 18, 2017

So that the traditional watch smart move, the traditional watch waterproof, fashion health smart step, sleep, call reminders, SMS reminder, anti-lost, take pictures of six functions. Wireless charging 140MAH battery, intelligent system a month long standby, to solve the industry short standby problem, so you become a darling of fashion.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

GPS smart watches, also known as positioning watches, anti-lost watch. Is a satellite positioning, call function and other functions of electronic products, usually talking about GPS positioning, I believe most people will not feel strange, in this era of highly developed technology, GPS positioning function of the phone has long been popular. The company developed the GPS positioning mobile phone watch is the technology of people's lives and another epoch-making change. Just bring this watch, no matter which corner of the world, can accurately locate its specific location.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

As the GPS solar watch is intelligent, so its use is very simple, just click the button, time and time zone will automatically adjust. Time automatic calibration takes 6 seconds or more (no more than one second per 100,000 years), the time zone adjustment takes 30 seconds or more. Whether it is in a static state or mobile state, this adjustment will be carried out automatically. So, as long as you can see the sky, you can know the time.3G GPS Android SmartWatch This electronic watch phone, the application of GPS satellite positioning and GPRS wireless network positioning dual positioning function. GPS satellite signal in poor areas, as long as there is a stable mobile network signal, we can also accurately grasp the child's geographical location. "Experts say that the phone design into a watch style, not only modeling novel, easy to carry, and not easy to lose.We can SMS, mobile Internet, computer Internet and other forms at any time query location, a good protection of the elderly, children The security of vulnerable groups.3G GPS Android SmartWatch