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3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Aug 12, 2017

              The user can set different gesture instructions, such as opening the palm, the watch screen immediately into the submenu, playing under the finger can be pulled down the screen menu. These instructions come from the ARIA detector attached to the strap, which is installed on the watch, and the user can set up a personalized gesture instruction through its adaptation application to directly control the smart watch.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

              According to the physicist, the design of gestures is designed to make people more convenient, because after wearing a smart watch, can actually only use the other hand to operate, the new design allows users to move through the fingers in the air directly manipulate the watch.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

              The researchers say the device will be attached to the compatible components of the Android Wear (androidwear) and Pebbletime. Its future goal is to optimize the user experience, avoid the complexity of the gesture range is not easy to use, can be mixed with five of gestures: top, bottom, left, right and enter.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

Recently, Aria will be on the United States Kickstarter website to launch the public, the first push two products, a is the price of 69 dollars PEBBLETIME Fixed plate detector, it is connected to a watch, so there is no separate battery and Bluetooth module, and the other a $169 is for developers, built-in batteries, connected by Low-power Bluetooth and smartphones, and can be fitted with any other type of Androidwear smart watch.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

              At present, Aria can not directly control the AppleWatch. Still can be installed inside the watch, because the SDK can be adapted to the iOS system, which means that users can use gestures to control some of the features on the iphone, such as taking photos with GoPro.3G GPS Android SmartWatch