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3G GPS Android SmartWatch
Jul 09, 2017

             Smart watches are mainly used to synchronize mobile phones, then the smart watch compatibility must be good, can synchronize the operation of various brand models and the mainstream operating system of smartphones, because of the Android system full open source and openness, the vast majority of smart watches are Android system, of course, except Apple. Smart watch technology is now relatively mature, brand factors may be relatively minor, different brands of functional design differences are very small, are able to meet the needs of users, early personal needs to meet and late service upgrades, perhaps the main factor in the choice of smart watches.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

              Looking at the demand, generally speaking, the intelligent bracelet is biased to understand the physical movement. Smart watches tend to be more convenient to connect to mobile phones; intelligent hand-ring is a kind of wearable intelligent equipment. With this bracelet, users can record real-time data in daily life, such as exercise, sleep, and part of the diet, and synchronize the data with mobile phones, tablets, and ipod touch to guide healthy living through data. Smart watch, is the watch built-in intelligent system, carrying smart phone system and connected to the network to achieve multi-function, can sync phone phone, sms, mail, photos, music and so on.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

               At present, there are two kinds of smart watches in the market: one, without the function of the call: relying on the connection of smart phone to achieve multi-function, can synchronize the mobile phone phone, text messages, mail, photos, music and so on; second, with the call function: to support the insertion of SIM card, essentially a watch-form smartphone; Most of the market uses Android.3G GPS Android SmartWatch

              Main advantages: No need to hand, easy to carry, body sense of interaction

              Main disadvantage: Poor endurance, poor comfort and high price

              Main Features: Operating system, intelligent monitoring, full touch screen type